Mitch Scobell CEO/President/Vice President/Founder

Scobelli's restaurant founder. When you're here, you're kinda like buds!

Jeremy Ellis Head chef/My biggest critic

Jeremy makes all the meals that you know and love!

Matt Isakson CFO/Innovator

Oh what was that? Sorry, I was busy innovating. If it's worth doing, it's worth over doing!

Sri Harsha Pamu CTO / Director of Food Engineering

Wrote the information system to create french fries!

Maggie Daniels Director of Sales

Primarily the Wine Taste Tester.

Ben Swenson Store Manager

Customer service is our highest priority, here's my number...

Jon Moritz Quality Control/Scobellian Food Scientist

Ehh, good enough!

Brent Wisniewski Chairman, Internal Auditor

What happens at Scobelli's stays at Scobelli's...